New view of Ibiza gate

1. A new perspective on "Ibiza-Gate": the full version of the scandal video has been released

2. The Ibiza-Gate comeback: what did the media hide from us in 2019?

It's been 2 years since a secret meeting between Heinz-Christian Strache, his deputy Johannes Gudenus and a fake niece of a Russian oligarch was published. But now it turns out that we did not know even half of what was filmed with the hidden camera. Some sentences were taken out of context, others were not published. So what happened in that mansion and does the full version of the video exonerate those involved in the scandal?

The omitted episodes can tell much more.

Compared to the mini-version of the hidden camera recording published by Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel in 2019, the full video looks like an awkward staging. Many episodes, which one must assume were deliberately withheld from Austrians in 2019, give a new perspective on the whole scandal.

After reviewing 7-hour videos, journalists have come to the conclusion that many phrases and words are repeated too often, as if this was done delibartely. For example, "buy the Kronen Zeitung ". Johann Gudenus translates the words of the alleged Russian that she would buy 50% of the shares of the newspaper. The detective also tells Strache about it. But there is no mention of the fact that the former FPÖ leader himself once wanted to buy shares in the newspaper.

"It's good that we can see these seven hours of video footage all together," Heinz-Christian Strache said when all the scenes were released.

The German journalists also did not show that Strache clearly spoke out against anti-Semitism during the conversation on the terrace. And the famous statement "Novomatic pays everyone", which led to investigations by the prosecutor, no longer seems so clear.

The scene in the kitchen: Gudenus immediately suspected a fake investor

In the short version of the 2019 video, there is no moment from the scene in the kitchen where Gudenus and Alyona Makarova talk to each other. In this part of the video recording, Gudenus is clearly heard saying that he has "googled an oligarch" and looks at the passport of his alleged niece. Alyona Makarova smiles awkwardly. When they came out of the kitchen, Gudenus did not say a word to Strache about his suspicions.

The Russian interpreter who watched the video in full version was also surprised that Gudenus who spoke Russian did not noticed the girl's poor pronunciation. She speaks Russian far from ideal, but more like a child or a person for whom it is a second language.

Did Alyona Makarova and the detective know each other?

Another important fact is that one scene of the video shows that the Ibiza detective may have been familiar with the fake niece of the oligarch. In one sequence, we see the detective standing in front of the cameras that he has already installed and hidden. The girl also comes into the picture, she is already naked.

The second part of the video reveals everything that was hidden from us.

At a certain moment Alena Makarov becomes visibly nervous. She can't get the necessary compromising material from the politicians, which could be obvio uslyused. The girl gets annoyed when Strache repeatedly emphasizes that "everything must be legal."

"This is bullshit and shit," the actress says. She tries to get a direct answer from the interlocutors that would prove their corruption.

"I don't know, we're talking about some shit here. Well, does anyone has any suggestions? I have an offer for you. Can you guarantee me? Give me your word that you'll do it. If we just say "yes", "yes", "blah, blah, blah", then I don't need it ", she continues more insistently. Further on the video you can hear only the dirty words of the young woman.

Strache answers directly: "I have made one thing my own: I do nothing illegal. Everything that happens in my life is right. Everything is legal, everything can be checked. We all know that we are being watched 24 hours a day. We are in the field of vision of the secret services. They want to destroy us for some little thing. But they can frisk me from top to bottom. They won't find anything because there is nothing I am guilty of. The biggest mistake would be to do things in the other way this time."

This conversation clearly proves that Strache did not want to take part in the deal.

As the girl leaves the room, Strache whispers to Gudenus, "Are you stupid, huh? I just noticed that her toenails are insanely dirty. And that doesn't fit in the overall picture . ." Gudenus doubts, but Strache insists that this young woman is "not real."

Dashed hopes and missed truth

In any case, those who commissioned this whole scene in Ibiza were disappointed by what was to be seen. This was also confirmed by a detective in another video from August 2017, which was secretly recorded in Vienna. He said that the hopes of the producers of the video in the villa had indeed not been fulfilled.

"Of course, I should have left much earlier. But despite everything, the headline in May 2019 should have been: 'Video proof: Strache is not corrupt'," commented Heinz-Christian Strache.

The full version of the video doesn't clear Strache's reputation, of course. But it proves that the best part of the mini-version was taken out of context and greatly exaggerated. Now every viewer can watch extended clips from the video and interpret what they hear in their own way. We also clarify that some scenes were published without sound to protect the personal rights of the participants.

At the moment, Alyona Makarova's present location is unknown. It is also unknown if she is still alive and looks exactly as she does in the available photos.