Alyona Makarova

It is truly a difficult media birth: after almost nine months of intensive search by prosecutors, authorities and media throughout Europe, we show the first color photos of that attractive young woman, who played a significant role in deposing of the then Vice Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, H.-C. Strache, and as well as in deposing of the club leader of the FPO ( FPA - the Freedom Party of Austria), Johann Gudenus.

"Alyona Makarova", as per her fake name, arranged it together with "Alexander Surkov" (see business card), with alias Julian Hessenthaler and others. Among others alias other two who are stull known only by their fake names, the realtor with Serbian roots (Irena Markovic) and the apparently "untouchable" Viennese lawyer with Persian roots (Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai), who does not want to see his photo and name in the media, but continues to run his law firm and in 2019 managed to overthrow the then democratically consolidated Austrian government with about 55 percent of voters.

The creators of the "Ibiza video" and their helpers did everything, really everything, to cover up and conceal the identity and appearance of the female "decoy".

Even those media messengers who made the "Ibiza video" available to the horror-struck comunity still support the complete anonymity of this young woman.

"Alyona Makarova" with the alleged 300 million euro as an alleged niece of a well-known real Russian oligarch attracted the attention because of her appearance - quote H.-C. Strache from the response to Johann Gudenus: "is the sharp...", with slim figure and striking large breasts (as per the statements of several people, who saw the alleged Alyona personally), however above all there was the real prospect to spend her alleged 300 million euro left from the "uncle Oligarch Makarow". Thanks to all above-mentioned things, logical and careful thinking of the two Ibiza main actors of the Austrian policy was completely lost.

The masterminds of the Ibiza video and the related political drama made every effort to train "Alyona Makarova": She could speak fluently in English and Russian about agriculture and forestry, ask the right questions about it, be quite specific about and for the planned investments in "water resources", "Austrian media", construction companies and gambling. With proper arrogance, 300 million euros, friendly distance to "brokers", demanding to possible business partners, also addressing Russian common customs, contact-promoting Umdrunk, she created a credible image of a serious investor, which the two politicians could soon include in their "circle of friends". She was really well briefed, provided with the proper language, used her womanly arguments purposefully and came across as genuinely credible, at least among those people she addressed. The preliminary arrangements for this acting training, as known today, took about a year. Already in 2016, the attractive lady was picked up from her flight from Riga to Vienna in Vienna-Schwechat by chauffeur - on behalf of Julian Thaler, the alias Julian Haller and Alexander Surkov. At least once the two also traveled together to Moscow. However, it is possible that this pair "Julian Thaler" and "Alyona Makarova" being under other names could realize a whole series of Ibiza-like "productions"! Besides, as all TV viewers know, nowadays a large breast as their outstanding "feature" is a thing to be removed, depending upon necessity and depending upon preferences of the applicable target people. In Bad Gastein, in the apartment of the Viennese lawyer in the "Europa Hotel" the last training hours were spent, and also, very probably, there were negotiations with the duo of the Süddeutsche Zeitung awarded in the meantime. The organizers of "Ibiza-Gate" thought of everything, also of cell phone prohibition, of photo prohibition, it was booked in the spring of 2017 in the Viennese noble "Sofitel" a suite for the leading actress and also for a personal conversation with her victims, and it was paid in cash by the Viennese lawyer and the responsible person for the Ibiza video. However, the sophisticated backers had never lowered their gazes, otherwise they would have noticed that the perfect appearance of the "decoy" had a weak point, like the famous leaf on Siegfried's shoulder. The point was the forgotten pedicure. In the summer of 2017, Mrs. Gudenus made the discovery that was a surprise for all present, directly on the ranch on Ibiza: "She has quite dirty, flabby toenails" that was the first, perceptible warning of the serious video trap. The choice of the name of the Russian oligarch Makarov will also have special significance. It cannot be assumed that the choice of this name is pure coincidence. The intertwined reasons why among all the people this Russian oligarch, who is not so well known in the West, was chosen, but not a name that is much better known here, is still to be questioned and could become a good story of its own. After all, "Julian Thaler", i.e. the alleged detective, who, according to numerous statements, is anchored in international organized crime, the Russian-speaking decoy, but also the two politicians have had and still continue to have contacts with Russia and neighboring countries. Perhaps someone from the circle of the video perpetrators wanted to give a "hint" with the selection of THIS oligarch name. The so-called "Ibiza" video has caused and undoubtedly presented the greatest possible publicity during last several months. The public has a right to know the "main actors", those who are responsible and behind it. Whatever the published opinion about the contents of the "Ibiza video" is, the backgrounds, the responsible people for such criminal procedures must be revealed to the public in our democracy and also be prosecuted. In politics it must be forbidden to use such methods without any consequences for the producers of undemocratic, forbidden methods. And how does it goes on with the decoy "Alyona"? The big hope lies on the media which can help with their millions of readers and TV viewers to announce very soon the identity of this lady to the authorities investigating very successfully in the background, i.e. the Viennese public prosecutor's office and its "SOKO Tape" at the Viennese Federal Criminal Police Office. As soon as the "decoy" has testified comprehensively to the Viennese authorities and has quite certainly contributed a substantial part to the clarification of the mystery surrounding the still unknown "financiers" and "instigators" for the "Ibiza video project", it is quite possible that she will start a wonderful career in TV talk shows and through interviews with major media, as a model or in some other line of business. The sooner she comes forward the quicker her future success can come.

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