One of our whistleblowers shared some hot information with us

One of the regional inspectors of the Criminal Investigation Directorate, well-known for his investigations in the field of drug-related crimes, is trying to remove compromising information about Irena Markovic from several websites. But what does such an official care about investigative articles on the World Wide Web?

Our source in the Federal Criminal Police Office told us that this protection was related to a love affair between the Ibiza broker and a high-ranking official.

They met during the judicial process against Ms. Markovic, in which the former driver of the real estate agent was suspected of being a drug trafficker for a woman from the "Ibiza environment."

For more info follow During the trial, Markovic and the inspector became closer.

According to this, a high-ranking official is probably protecting the Ibiza broker.

In a short time, we will reveal all the details, including the name and position of the official.

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If this story was confirmed, it could cost someone their job, or even put them in the dock. But that's our mission, to expose the truth. More info to follow...

Update 05.10.2021

Today the owner of the investigative website e*********. com A. M. informed us that he and his website have been attacked at various levels by the Ibiza realtor and her representatives. One of them is a Regional Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Directorate W. K. (the full name is known to the editorial staff; we also wrote about him in one of our articles). He tried to stop the operation of the website, wrote several threatening letters to the website operator on behalf of the Austrian police and the Vienna Criminal Investigation Department. Regarding the evidence, A. M. shared with us the following document: (the original document is available to the editors and the authenticity of this document has been confirmed by our sources at the BKA (Vienna Investigation Office).

As a reminder, W. K. is an inspector of the Vienna Investigation Department, who is known for his investigations in the field of drug crimes, also big media like "Standard" published an interview with him about big criminal cases. So, it is obvious that such a person has many connections not only in the BKA, but also in the legal department. But the question is still open what such an official has to do with the Ibiza broker. And why is he trying to delete all mentions in the media and on the Internet about Irena Markovic and her role in Ibiza-gate?

For us it was no surprise in today's court verdict that Irena Markovic had only a fine of 12. 000 EUR for lying to the court in Ibiza case, when you have such a powerful protector in the legal system of our country, it is quite easy to explain. More about W. K. and his relationship with Irena Markovic in the next article. Stay tuned.

P. S. An interesting detail: when A. M. (owner of an Investigative website) refused to delete an article about the Ibiza broker from his website, it was attacked with DdoS attacks. So, the website was down for a few days. But, of course, this could be just a coincidence.