Ein Blick hinter die Fassade der Ibiza-Affäre:

What is broker Irena Markovic hiding?

The “Ibiza” affair has gone down as the biggest political scandal in the recent Austrian history and more than a year ago blew up the “turquoise-blue” government. As it now turns out, the linchpin of the “Ibiza” case was the woman, who established a contact between the former FPA (the Freedom Party of Austria) politician Johann Gudenus and the alleged Russian oligarch’s niece. The person referring to is Irena Markovic, a real estate agent, who has a lot of contacts in Vienna's celebrity circles.

A native of Serbia, she runs her own real estate company called Lifestyle Properties and has previously gained notoriety for hosting the luxury clubbing series "Scandalous." Regular and welcome guests at these evening events included the former FPA (the Freedom Party of Austria) politicians Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus, as well as detective Julian Hessenthaler, who was exposed as a main mastermind in the arrangement of the “Ibiza”” video. From the very beginning, Irena Markovic was involved in the planning of the affair and thus plays a central role in the criminal network. She is also acquainted with another mastermind of the scandal video, a lawyer Ramin Mirfakhrai from Vienna; Markovic is even friends with his ex-girlfriend Katia Wagner, who works as a journalist for the "Krone". It was the lawyer who approached the luxury real estate agent and lured her into offering a very profitable business deal. The owner of Lifestyle Properties had a good connection to Tajana and Johann Gudenus, and Mirfakhrai knew that. He therefore submitted to Markovic that he had an extremely wealthy prospective buyer for a large forest property in the Waldviertel, owned by the Gudenus family, and asked the broker to initiate contact between Johann Gudenus and the supposed oligarch’s niece with the alias name "Alyona Makarov." In addition to creating an investment company, the Russian investor allegedly wanted to invest 300 million in real estate. If everything proceeds smoothly, Markovic would skim off a commission of millions.

Driven by the lucrative deal, Irena Markovic did her best to get a personal meeting, so that the first meeting between the former FPA club chairman and the later Ibiza decoy took place in January 2017. It is remarkable that the talk regarding sales was planned down to the smallest detail: The questions for the appointment to visit the Gudenus hunting property in the Waldviertel had already been determined in writing by email correspondence, and this is revealed by the files of the Federal Criminal Police Office. Consequently, it is obvious that Irena Markovic was substantially involved in the fraudulent deals. This has been already revealed on Fellner! Live ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MegDDAr9II ), www.oe24.at and www.eu- infothek.com . In addition, the site www.eu-infothek.com uncovered that the owner of Lifestyle Properties has also known the leader of the entire operation “Ibiza”, the detective Julian Hessenthaler, since the time of her luxury clubbing events. The main mastermind of the “Ibiza” video has a familiar relationship with the alleged Russian oligarch (she owns a fake Latvian passport) and also belongs to the circle of acquaintances of the lawyer Ramin Mirfakhrai. As the organizer of the notorious "Scandalous" clubbing events, Irena Markovic knew exactly how to score points with her prominent guests, including Johann Gudenus. Drugs were regularly enjoyed at these luxury events, and the Ibiza broker herself was never opposite to addictive substances. Johann Gudenus is particularly notorious for his drug addiction. During a search in the course of the “Ibiza” affair, traces of cocaine were seized from the ex-FPA club chairman in his apartment in August 2019. As publications on www.oe24.at and www.diepresse.com revealed in April and May 2020, the main mastermind of the “Ibiza” video, a detective Julian Hessenthaler, has been also involved in drug deals. According to the Vienna public prosecutor's office, he is alleged to have trafficked EUR 255,000 worth drugs. It just doesn't get quiet around Irena Markovic, because at the beginning of May 2020, her name came up again when a drug scandal in a noble bar in Vienna's 19th district of Doebling made headlines. The owner of the real estate firm Lifestyle Properties was among the guests of an illegal party due to coronavirus restrictions, which took place in the scene pub "DOTS im Brunnerhof". During the raid, the police could confiscate participants’ cannabis, cocaine and MDMA. And here is the circle is full, because the Serbian chauffeur hired by Irena Markovic had previously worked for Martin Ho, the operator of the aforementioned restaurant. To prevent her reputation and credibility from being damaged, Irena Markovic hired the Munich-based company yourreputation24.com , which was to support her positive online reputation. Why did she choose a company in Munich in particular? Could it have something to do with the fact that Julian Hessenthaler also runs his detective agency in this very city? The coverage on www.krone.at clearly demonstrates how closely Irena Markovic is intertwined with the FPA. The “blue” politicians were particularly fond of the Ibiza broker's parties. The Serbian-born politician spent the most time with Johann Gudenus and H.-C. Strache; Irena Markovic also had a liaison with both of them.

An "insider", who does not wish to be named, shared tidbit with www.oe24.at : "It was a pure hatred. The luxury real estate agent M. raged after she was dumped first by Johann Gudenus and later also by Heinz-Christian Strache." To what extent was Irena Markovic involved in the planning and execution of Ibiza-Gate? Did she play a leading role in the criminal network? Gert Schmidt from the disclosure platform www.eu-infothek.com guess that the real estate agent, who has a soft spot for celebrities and politicians of the FPA, is "a young woman who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to quickly make a career and come into money", as he was quoted on www.oe24.at. Should Irena Markovic be listed as a suspect and accused in the investigation of the “Ibiza” affair? The circumstantial evidence shows that the real estate agent was undoubtedly involved in the scheme of the sale of the Gudenus’s property from the very beginning, with the aim of landing a profitable deal for herself. However, it is not confirmed whether Irena Markovic was involved in the preparation and execution of the shooting of the “Ibiza” video. One argument would speak very much in favor of this, namely that she wanted to take a revenge on H.-C. Strache because he broke up with her. Irena Markovic is a ruthlessness businesswoman who always looks out for her own advantage and knows how to use her good contacts in celebrity circles. Born in Serbia, she wanted to profit from the fraudulent deals related to the “Ibiza” affair and thus can be considered an accomplice. A woman driven by power, money and retribution will continue to cause a sensation.

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